Hightline trail

In three weeks I will be 59 years old and plannig for my 2016 shakedown hike. Some unexpected travel has caused a reschedule of this trip to the week of May 9…All good!  I should be in even better shape then! YAY!

I’ve got a lot of new gear this year from my Z-Packs Arc Blast pack and Hexmid Duplex tent to my Enlightened Equipments Revelation quilt. I’ve got a new Delorme in-reach satellite tracker and on and on. Lots of new stuff.  So, before I get out into the backcountry I need to spend a few days making sure that everything works.  I was looking for a moderately strenuous hike in the 50-60 mile range with some good climbs, and an overall altitude of between 5,000 to 6,000 feet. Ideally, this trail would have lots of places where you can bail out since with new equiment, you never know.   Luckily for me I am about 60miles from the historic Arizona Highline Trail.

The trail runs ~52 miles along the edge of the plateau, the Rim,  that crosses the state. Most people run this trail from east to west ending up in a favorite brewpub in the small town of Pine. But the track from west to east is a bit more challenging and I am in AA so unless the brewpub has some kickass iced tea and Sweet potato fries I’ll pass and hike from west to east. 😉

I’m going to be taking it pretty easy. I’ll plan on hiking 1o miles the first day, followed by 15 miles for days 2 and 3, then finish up with an easier day 4 of 12 miles.  I’m just thrilled to be planning a hike so soon!


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