The current 2016 PCT plan

The current 2016 PCT plan

I’ve been fine-tuning this plan for weeks now.  I’m trying to be realistic abut what I can do and how far I can walk. I’m mostly training on mountain hikes around Phoenix and I’m adding weight every week. Feeling pretty good about all this…at sea level. 😉

I’ve added a lot of contingencies in this one.  Basically, I figure that anywhere above 10,000 ft I won’t be able to achieve more than 2,000 ft of vertical climb per day. I’ve adjusted the plan so that every day’s total climb is less than 2000ft. No small feat in the southern Sierra! This breaks down to between 11-17 miles a day, depending on the climb.

And so….here it is….The Plan.  And like all plans doubtless will not survive first contact.  Oh well.


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